Artist Statement


Sharing Perspective


Bombarded by technology, workplace and social stressors, I long for quiet and a sense of inner peace. Through art, I have always been able to find, or loose, myself as need be. I prefer to speak to the world softly through art mediums that depend upon deftness of hand rather than computer competency.  I’ve had the privilege of working with many media, appreciating the uniqueness of each as if they were special languages. Whether drawing, throwing clay, working with stained glass or painting, these physically engaging hand processes serve as my panacea; a remedy for the pressures of daily life such as commuting, challenges of the workplace, and the unavoidable and persistent energy drain of dealing with computer technology. 

Over time and through my creative practice, I have been engaging in a dialogue with you. Unhampered by the formality of a spoken language, I am speaking to you visually with the artwork as my conduit. It is irrelevant that we do not know each other.  We are both subject to the human condition; that is our connection. My artwork, whether in stained glass, watercolor, oil painting or other medium has always, in some manner, expressed an appreciation for our human imperfections and vulnerabilities. My narrative paintings are playful and cartoon-like, poking fun at some of our less attractive human characteristics such as vanity, clumsiness or frustration. Paintings from the Interwoven series, with their layered underpainting and tattered network of lines, are abstract studies of relationships; strong, weak or tenuous.  Other work may simply invite you to appreciate the humanity present in an imperfect hand-drawn line, or to notice the nuances of a field of color floating on a piece of hand-made watercolor paper.  Placing especially high value on the attributes of humor, honesty, and our ability to make strong emotional bonds, I want to remind you that these are strengths we can all draw upon when struggling.  My voice is asking you to take a little of your precious time and notice how beautiful a simple line or color or shape can be; how funny our behavior can be; or how interesting it is that something plain and unassuming can touch your soul or make you laugh. The artwork is my letter to you, whoever you are, and whenever in time you find me. 

Anita's Short Biography

Anita Loomis is a painter who lives and works from her home in Webster, Massachusetts. After earning a BA in studio art from Framingham State College of Massachusetts in 1989, she worked primarily in the medium of stained glass. Establishing a small glass studio after graduation, she offered custom residential stained glass windows and lighting from 1989 until 1995. 

Pursuing work on a grander scale in the field of architectural stained glass, Anita accepted a position as office manager and design/studio assistant with nationally recognized stained glass artist James T. Piercey of J. Piercey Studios, Orlando, Florida. With her husband, Paul, and two children, Anita’s family relocated to Florida in 1995. Anita remained with the J. Piercey Studio for 10 years, enjoying a very fulfilling career in the architectural stained glass industry.

In 2004 Anita changed course, returning to college to pursue an MA in Liberal Arts with a concentration in arts management from the University of Central Florida. During her studies, she returned to drawing and painting. Following graduation in 2006, she and her husband Paul returned to Massachusetts where they currently reside. 

Working from her home studio, Anita’s artwork has evolved through several stages. Now working in a variety of media, she continues her development as an artist and pursues opportunities to share her work with a broad audience.