Artist's Notes

1950's Sex & Politics, 2015, 36x48"


A high-end  interior design publication showed enlarged photos of film noir stars displayed on a dining room wall. If you were to host a formal dinner, what characters would you invite? What would be the topic of their conversation? Discuss....

Aida's Room, 2015, 9x12"


Mischief and mystery: A domestic scene with something gone awry. Do animals have a sense of humor? Do they hold grudges?

Toil, 2013, 60x30"

Work. Some tasks seem so lite and easy that they take care of themselves with little effort. The same task, for a different person, can seem like an unmanageable anchor weighing them down. 

Anxiety, 2013, 12x36"


Voiceless. Thoughts and feelings bursting from the inside, but no one seems to hear or understand you. Whether the reason is a physical inability to communicate or one of social marginalization, feeling invisible can be maddening.

Argument, 2014, 70x46"


It seems that most of us are taught to avoid arguments. But arguments are important paths to solutions. The trick is to treat each other respectfully although we disagree. It is important to have conversations, even about topics that make us angry or uncomfortable. We can not arrive at solutions without this dialogue. 

The Shopping Trip, 2017, 22x22"


Lets be honest. I know it is supposed to be fun, but being a slave to consumerism can be very draining on our wallets, time and patience, even for die-hard shoppers.